Mylk & Honey Clothier
Mylk & Honey Clothier

There is Beauty in your curves

All bodies are rich, sweet, and heavenly

Meet the designer Tiffany


My Play Became My Passion

I'm Tiffany, creator of Mylk and Honey Clothier. My fashion design journey began when I was in school to become a mental health therapist. I didn't find enough clothing on the market for the young, hip, plus size  woman. I became an avid home sewer. I became good at up-cycling vintage and used clothes. However, I really found my niche with swimwear. My projects became more ambitious as my talents grew. People within the fashion industry and the general public began to commission garments from me.  I knew my next logical step was to enroll in fashion design school. I've completed my first year of design school. My life as a designer and plus size model has been a whirlwind ever since. 

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Mylk & Honey Clothier